GENETIC TOOLS, TRANSGENESIS, RNAi in different species

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Microinjection and extra-chromosomal (Ex) array formation works seems to work in most Caenorhabditis species: Table 1 in Nuez & Félix 2012 . However, even in C. briggsae, the formation of Ex arrays is less efficient than in C. elegans and mosaic silencing can be observed in somatic tissues.

Bombardment requires a positive selection marker: availability of unc-119 mutants in C. briggsae, Zhao et al. 2010

Dual antibiotic selection in Cel (N2, CB4856), Cbr, Cre, Cbn: Semple et al. 2012


RNAi susceptibility is a fast-evolving trait. External administration of dsRNA (synthetic dsRNA, or ds-RNA producing bacterial feeding) does not work in all species: Winston et al. 2007, Nuez & Félix 2012. Efficiency also varies between tissues, including the germ line, even in C. elegans: Tijsterman et al. 2002; Pollard & Rockman 2013.