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[[[Media:'''''Caenorhabditis'' species (old and new) and their genome projects''']]http://evolution.wormbase.org/index.php/New_Caenorhabditis_species_and_genome_sequencing_projects]http://evolution.wormbase.org/index.php/New_Caenorhabditis_species_and_genome_sequencing_projects
[[[Media:'''''Caenorhabditis'' species (old and new) and their genome projects''']]]

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WELCOME to the wiki of the Caenorhabditis evolution community!

Here you will find and can contribute information on facts, resources and questions regarding evolution of C. elegans and other species of the Caenorhabditis genus. Note that some of the information on this wiki is unpublished.

Please contribute (you need to register first, independently of your Wormbase account), and do not hesitate to add pages on various subjects.

[[[Media:Caenorhabditis species (old and new) and their genome projects]]]

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