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WELCOME to the wiki of the Caenorhabditis evolution community! With a growing community of scientists using Caenorhabditis nematodes for evolutionary biology and ecology, this wiki aims at sharing resources and information regarding evolution of C. elegans and other species of the Caenorhabditis genus. Note that much of the information on this wiki is unpublished. Please contribute! (you need to register first, independently of your Wormbase account)

Note the 2014 TOPIC MEETING: "Evolutionary biology of Caenorhabditis and other nematodes"
Relevant WORMBOOK sections: Evolution and Ecology or Nematodes other than C. elegans, and [Methods for nematode species other than C. elegans]

Here is the growing LIST OF AVAILABLE CAENORHABDITIS SPECIES and the state of their genome projects.

For information on their geographic distribution, sample origin and strain availability, enter Strain in Wormbase, for example NIC42 or consult other useful links: CGC, Cutter lab map, Braendle lab, Felix lab.

For information on phylogeny and systematics: Fitch lab Rhabditina DB.

Last news on SAMPLING!

Please enter any RECOMBINANT INBRED LINE PANELS (or other useful strain panels) here

News on development of GENETIC TOOLS, TRANSGENESIS, RNAi in different species 

Do not hesitate to add pages on various subjects!

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