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Lab Species Strains in panel Numver Advanced intercross (Y/N) Genotyping Reference - else: free to distribute? Lab strain numbers Notes
Kruglyak C. elegans N2, CB4856 239 yes 1460 markers Rockman & Kruglyak, PLoS Gen 2009 QX1-239 These strains have population structure. Please see the PLoS Genetics paper or contact Matt Rockman for advice on appropriate analysis.
Kruglyak C. elegans QX1430, CB4856 359 yes 1460 markers yes QX240-QX598 QX1430: peel-1(ttTi12715); qgIR1 [haw102573 to 4,822,488, CB4856 > N2] - compatible with CB4856 and npr-1 region derived from CB4856
Félix C. elegans JU605, JU606 60 no 50 markers Duveau & Félix, PLoS Biol 2012 Example JU605: let-23(sy1) in N2 background; JU606: let-23(sy1) in AB1 background
Félix C. elegans MT1789, JU456 79 no 50 markers Example Example MT1789: sup-17(n316) in N2 background; JU456: sup-17(n316) in CB4856 background
Félix C. briggsae JU1264, HK104 56 no under way yes, w/ conditions until publication JU2258-JU2317
Félix C. briggsae JU516, HK104 54 no no yes, w/ conditions until publication JU2318-JU2376
Baird C. briggsae AF16, HK104 167 yes 1030 markers Ross et al., PLoS Gen 2011 PB1101-PB1286
Zhao C. briggsae x C. sp. 9 AF16, JU1421 12? N.A. (NILs) yes Yan et al., PLoS One 2012 ZZY?-ZZY?
Cutter C. briggsae x C. sp. 9 AF16, JU1422 210 N.A. (NILs) under say (GBS) not yet VX1101-VX1499 6 generations backcross, representatives from all 4 cross directions
Braendle & Teotonio C. elegans JU751, JU1200 144 no under way not yet NIC600-NIC743
Kammenga C. elegans N2, CB4856 80 no 121 markers Li et al., PLoS Gen 2006 WN1-WN80
Viney C. elegans N2, DR1350 no 42 markers Harvey et al., 2008 Example Example
Rockman C. elegans QG5, QX1199 82 no 157 markers yes, w/ conditions until publication QG6-QG104 QG5: him-5(e1490)>AB2; QX1199: him-5(e1490)>CB4856. These lines are convenient for studying males.