LIST OF AVAILABLE CAENORHABDITIS SPECIES and the state of their genome projects

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Species Reference strain Reproduction Collector Location Date Isolated by Phylogenetic affiliation Geographic distribution and available isolates (lab) Inbred strain Genome project
angaria PS1010 F/M 1990 Drosophilae super-group, Angaria group 3 isolates from Florida USA - formerly C. sp. 3; Mortazavi et al. 2010 Genome Research, @Wormbase
brenneri F/M Elegans group tropical, ~30 isolates (Felix, Cutter, Braendle) PB2801 Wash U, @Wormbase
briggsae AF16 H/M Elegans group world-wide distribution, 100s of isolates N.A. Stein et al. 2003 PLoS Biology, @Wormbase
drosophilae DF5077 F/M Drosophilae group
elegans N2 H/M Elegans group world-wide (mostly temperate) distribution, 100s of isolates N.A. C. elegans Sequencing Consortium 1998 Science, @Wormbase
japonica F/M Elegans super-group, Japonica group isolates from Japan (Yoshiga/Cutter) DF5080 Wash U, @Wormbase
plicata SB355 F/M
remanei F/M Elegans group USA/Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, 100s of isolates PB4641 Wash U,@Wormbase
sp. 1 SB341 F/M S. Wirth Berlin, Germany 2000? W. Sudhaus base of Caenorhabditis 1 single isolate JU1667 Félix/Blaxter preliminary assembly available-ask us
sp. 2 DF5070 F/M S. Wirth Corsica, France Oct 2001 W. Sudhaus Drosophilae group, sister of C. drosophilae 1 single isolate
sp. 5 JU727 F/M M.-A. Félix Chengyang, Guangxi, China 6 May 2005 M.-A. Félix Briggsae subgroup Isolates from China, Vietnam (Cutter, Ailion, Félix) JU800 Cutter/Blaxter@Wormbase
sp. 6 EG4788 F/M M. Ailion, A.-J. Rodrigues Amares, Portugal 28 Mar 2007 M. Ailion Drosophilae super group Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland (Ailion, Félix, Braendle) EG5626
sp. 7 JU1199 F/M M. Herrmann Begoro, Ghana Jun 2007 M.-A. Félix Japonica group 2 isolates from West Africa (Félix) JU1286 Wash U CONTAMINATED WITH SP. 9
sp. 8 QX1182 F/M M. Rockman Backyard of 93 Mercer St., Jersey City, NJ, USA 28 Jul 2007 M. Rockman Angaria group Isolates from USA (Fitch), Europe (Braendle, Félix), Canada (Rockman)
sp. 9 JU1325 F/M M.-A. Félix Trivandrum Zoo, Kerala, India 21 Dec 2007 M.-A. Félix Briggsae subgroup Various wet tropical places from Yucatan to Singapore (Ailion, Félix, Inoue) JU1422 (Wash U: contaminated genomic, cDNAs OK) Resequenced by Barbara Meyer
sp. 10 JU1323 F/M M.-A. Félix Angela Spice Garden, Kerala, India 27 Dec 2007 M.-A. Félix Brenneri subgroup 6 isolates from South India JU1771
sp. 11 JU1373 H/M V. Robert, L. Sablé Saint-Benoît, La Réunion Jan 2008 M.-A. Félix Brenneri subgroup Common in tropical regions (not so far on the African continent, one in Asia) N.A. Wash U, @Wormbase
sp. 12 JU1426 F/M P. Châtelet Nouragues Forest, French Guiana May 2008 M.-A. Félix Angaria group 2 isolates from French Guiana JU1956
sp. 13 JU1528 F/M M.-A. Félix Orsay apple orchard 9 Sep 2008 M.-A. Félix Drosophilae super group A few isolates, all from Orsay, France JU1968
sp. 14 EG5716 F/M D. Ailion Moorea, French Polynesia 24 Jul 2009 M. Ailion Japonica group also Polynesia, Guadeloupe (Félix, Braendle) EG5942-EG5947
sp. 15 QG122 F/M M. Rockman Near Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii, USA 2 Aug 2009 M. Rockman Elegans super group Kauai and Maui, 2 isolates QG2076, QG2077 under assembly, Rockman
sp. 16 JU1873 F/M J.-B. Pénigault Sanda Center, Bali, Indonesia 11 Nov 2009 J.-B. Pénigault Brenneri subgroup 2 isolates from Indonesia (Félix) JU1898 Félix/Blaxter preliminary assembly available-ask us
sp. 17 JU1825 F/M C. Braendle, M.-A. Félix Nouragues Forest, French Guiana 21 Nov 2009 C. Braendle, M.-A. Félix Japonica group Many isolates from French Guiana JU2079 planning Ailion
sp. 18 JU1857 F/M C. Braendle, M.-A. Félix Nouragues Forest, French Guiana 23 Nov 2009 C. Braendle, M.-A. Félix Japonica group A few isolates from Nouragues, French Guiana JU2083
sp. 19 EG6142 F/M S. Dalton El Yunque, Puerto Rico 28 Mar 2010 S. Dalton, M. Ailion Japonica group Puerto Rico
sp. 20 NIC113 F/M C. Braendle Soufrière Forest trail, Guadeloupe Mar 2010 C. Braendle Drosophilae supergroup Guadeloupe planned Braendle
sp. 21 NIC134 F/M C. Gimond Island of Sainte Marie, Madagascar Dec 2010 C. Braendle base of Caenorhabditis Also Polynesia and Thailand (Félix) planned Braendle
sp. 23 VX88 F/M G.-X. Wang Jiufeng Village, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China 27 Oct 2009 G.-X. Wang Briggsae subgroup, sister of C. remanei Several isolates from China (Cutter) PX534, PX573, PX574, PX580 under assembly, Cutter/Phillips
sp. 24 QG555 F/M A. Paaby Santa Barbara, USA July 2011 A. Paaby Angaria group, sister of sp. 8 1 isolate from California and 3 from Panama (Rockman)
sp. 25 ZF1222 F/M A. Seah, T. Inoue Singapore 3 Sep 2011 T. Inoue Japonica group 2 isolates from Singapore ongoing (Inoue)
sp. 26 JU2161 F/M M.-A. Félix Zanzibar, Tanzania 9 Mar 2012 M.-A. Félix Briggsae subgroup, sister of sp. 5 5 isolates from Zanzibar JU2190
sp. 27 QX2263 F/M Buenos Aires, Argentina 2 Mar 2012 E. Andersen Drosophilae supergroup, sister of sp. 6 Argentina
sp. 28 QG702 F/M M. Rockman Barro Colorado Island, Panama 23 Apr 2012 M. Rockman Japonica group several isofemale lines from Panama QG2080, QG2081 under assembly, Rockman
sp. 29 QG704 F/M M. Rockman Barro Colorado Island, Panama 25 Apr 2012 M. Rockman Japonica group, sister of sp. 17 many isofemale lines from Panama QG2082, QG2083 planning Ailion, under assembly, Rockman
sp. 30 DF5152 F/M Gallon Jug, Belize 15 Nov 2012 K. Kiontke Drosophilae subgroup 4 isofemale lines from Belize
sp. 31 JU2469 F/M L. Frézal Madre de Dios, Peru Jan 2013 L. Frézal Drosophilae super group 2 isolates from Peru JU2585
sp. 32 SB454 F/M East Africa? Feb 2013 W. Sudhaus Japonica group, sister of sp. 7 1 isolate, from the gut of the millipede Archispirostreptus gigas
sp. 33 BRC20065 F/M J. Wang Taiwan 24 May 2012 J. Wang Briggsae subgroup 1 isolate from Taiwan BRC20066
sp. 34 NK74SC F/M N. Kanzaki Japan May 2013 N. Kanzaki likely Drosophilae super group 1 isolate from Japan. Associated with fig wasps and Ficus septica
sp. 35 no designation yet F/M Indonesia Aug 2013 N. Kanzaki 2 Isolates from Indonesia, associated with Ficus hispida
sp. 36 NK02NV F/M N. Kanzaki Japan Apr 2013 N. Kanzaki 1 isolate from Japan. Associated with the weevil Niphades variegatus

Species numbers are assigned by Karin Kiontke, NYU.

Published phylogeny:

Updated phylogeny: